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City Traders Imperium aims to guide traders towards financial freedom with its robust funding programs including an Instant Funding model which they are well known for and extensive.


Scaling Plan

Trust Pilot Reviews 4.8+

Funding up to $4,000,000

One-time free retake

No maximum daily loss rule (Instant funding accounts)

Good education for traders

Instant Funding Model


Mandatory stop-loss rule

Slightly Expensive.

Welcome to our detailed City Traders Imperium review. In this deep-dive analysis, we cover all the things that matter to you as a trader. From evaluating funded challenge difficulty to exploring genuine trader testimonials and digging into the prop firms payouts, we cover all your questions.

to give you a clear picture of what awaits you in this review.

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Who Are City Traders Imperium

Established in the heart of London, UK, City Traders Imperium emerged in 2018 as a distinguished proprietary trading firm, offering real funding at a competitive price, Their commitment to their traders is obvious; offering traders high quality educational content.

With the promise of up to $4,000,000 in funding and 100% profit splits in some cases, they aim to be the best. More than just funding, City Traders Imperium prides itself on empowering participants through complimentary technical analysis webinars, conducted bi-weekly, nurturing a community where knowledge and expertise are the currencies of growth.


Their online presence is strong, with City Traders Imperium drawing significant traffic of approximately 90,000 visitors to their website monthly and with over 17k followers on Instagram, its clear they have a built a strong community and remain a popular choice.

Who Are the Leaders of City Traders Imperium

Co-founders Daniel Martin and Martin Najat founded City Traders Imperium, Martin Najat is quite active on his Instagram, showcasing his interests in traveling and the gym, while Daniel Martin is not so active on social media, he does have a LinkedIn profile which he has not posted to yet.

Martin Najat nationality is Italian but lives in the UK

Daniel Martin also lives in the UK – his age is unknown

Is Achieving Funding Possible With City Traders Imperium?

If you’re in pursuit of a reliable and rewarding prop firm, CTI stands out as a strong recommendation. The firm is distinguished by a structured evaluation process, ensuring that only well-vetted traders are onboarded, promising substantial rewards for those who demonstrate consistency. Their clear rules and generous profit-sharing programs make them an ideal choice for traders at all levels. This assertion is supported by the wave of positive online sentiment and reviews, further solidifying their reputation as a trustworthy platform in the trading community.

City Traders Imperium: Proof of Funding

Posted on their YouTube channel, are many of CTI’s Funded Trader testimonials, one of which is an interview between Chris ( the host of CTI YouTube channel ) and Vassil, in this video, they talk about Vassil’s funded journey with City Traders Imperium.

Vassil appears to be a genuine trader with over 15 years of experience he talks about his trading history, wins and losses, it also mentioned in this video that Vassil made over 10k from one month’s profits.

City Traders Imperium have many testimonials and video reviews with their funded traders, so we have no reason to believe that they are not funding people.

CTI’s Trader Reviews

City Traders Imperium reviews are very positive with over 4.7 on Trust Pilot.

Many reviews seem genuine with no clues hinting at fabricated reviews, many STT students post positive reviews about their progress. some of the negative reviews state that their customer support is terrible,  with some saying that their challenge criteria is too strict.

City Traders Imperium Trust Rating

Platform used by City Traders Imperium

Funding Options:

City Traders Imperium (CTI) provides traders with a tailored selection of funding options, each designed to accommodate different trading strategies and risk preferences. Here’s a snapshot of the funding models they offer

2-Step Funding Program: For traders who prefer high-risk and high-reward opportunities, this program offers increased leverage and more significant drawdown limits over two phases.

1-Step Funding Program: This single-phase program is a fit for traders of varied styles, aiming for flexibility and growth with moderate risk exposure.

No-Step Funding Program: Ideal for those who want to skip the evaluation phase and get straight to trading with immediate payout access.

CTI Challenge Rules

City Traders Imperium (CTI) outlines a set of challenge rules for traders aiming to qualify for their funding programs. These rules are designed to ensure clarity and fairness in the evaluation process. Key rules include:

Unlimited Max Time Limit: Traders can complete the challenge at their own pace without time pressure.

Minimum Active Trading Days: Requires 5 active trading days for the two-phase program.

Profit Targets: Set at 10% for Phase 1 and 5% for Phase 2 in the 2-Step Program.

Drawdown Rules: Balance-based drawdown, with specific daily and absolute limits.

Weekend Trading: Allowed.

Trade Copiers: Allowed.

EA ( bot trading ): Allowed.

News Trading: Allowed.

Account Sizes Up To:


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