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Clarity Traders offers a distinctive proposition with its varied challenge types and funding models. Catering to a wide range of traders, this prop firm provides a platform for traders to prove their skills and earn a funded account. With its unique approach, Clarity Traders stands out in the competitive prop trading arena.


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Multiple challenge types catering to different levels of traders.

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Welcome to our detailed Clarity Traders review. In this deep-dive analysis, we cover all the things that matter to you as a trader. From evaluating funded challenge difficulty to exploring genuine trader testimonials and digging into the prop firms payouts, we cover all your questions.

to give you a clear picture of what awaits you in this review.

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Table of Contents

Who Are Clarity Traders?

Based in Delaware, Denver, Clarity Traders operates as a distinguished proprietary trading firm, uniquely designed to discover and foster untapped trading talent. The firm presents a series of meticulously structured challenges, inviting aspiring traders to demonstrate their Trading skills. The best-performing traders are rewarded with a clear progression toward managing a funded trading account.

“This innovative approach, rooted in our unique funding model, underscores our commitment to empowering the next wave of trading legends.” Clarity Traders isn’t just a testing ground.

Who is The Owner of Clarity Traders?

The driving force behind Clarity Traders is none other than the well-known YouTuber, MambaFX. With a significant presence on the platform, MambaFX has managed to carve a niche for himself in the trading community. his expertise and insights into the world of trading have not only benefited his YouTube subscribers but also those associated with Clarity Traders. As the owner, his vision and leadership have been instrumental in shaping the direction and success of the prop firm.

Is Achieving Funding With Clarity Traders Realistic?

When it comes to prop trading firms, a common question that arises is the feasibility of securing funding. With Clarity Traders, like any reputable prop firm, the potential for funding is indeed realistic, but it’s contingent upon the trader’s skill, consistency, and adherence to the firm’s guidelines and criteria. It’s essential to understand that while Clarity Traders offers opportunities, we have no reason to believe that Clarity Traders is not funding people, however the main requirement which is relatively unique among legitimate prop firms.

When it comes to getting funded, the ‘consistency rule’ is a crucial guideline set by some prop firms to mitigate risk. Traders with funded accounts, for example, a $100,000 account, are often required to achieve a profit target (e.g., 10% or $10,000) consistently over an evaluation period. this is usually something like: no single trading day should contribute more than 30% toward this
profit target to avoid high-risk, unsustainable trading behaviors.

Trader Sam is excited about starting his funded challenge with [brand] prop firm. With his $100,000 funded account, he aims for 10% profit target, needing to make $10,000. One day, the market shows unusual volatility, and seeing an opportunity, Sam makes an aggressive trade and by day’s end, he’s ecstatic to find he’s earned $4,000.
However, Sam’s celebration is cut short as he realizes that he’s violated the 30% consistency rule: his $4,000 gain represents 40% of his profit target and was made in just one day, indicating risky trading. Despite his overall profit, John faces an evaluation failure, as his trading pattern breached the firm’s strategic risk management protocols. This experience teaches John to balance ambition with steady, calculated strategies, respecting the rules set to ensure sustainable trading practices.

Funded Traders With Clarity Trader

In this Clarity Traders review, we did some research on whether or not they have any Funded Traders, we’ve discovered several videos that feature successful funded traders. Notably, Clarity Traders highlights one individual, William from Arkansas, residing in South Louisiana, who appears to be their first ever Funded Trader, which is just one month after the Prop Firm launched.

In the video below, William delves into his personal journey, offering insights into his experiences and milestones. although he does not directly mention payouts in this video, so we will keep you updated on further info we find

Clarity Traders Trust Pilot Review

Clarity Traders boasts an impressive Trust Pilot rating, yet certain reviews raise eyebrows due to their questionable relevance. Some content within these testimonials seems unrelated, potentially pointing to interference from competitors attempting to tarnish Clarity’s reputation. Despite these strange reviews, there are genuine reviews offering positive feedback that underscores the firm’s credibility. We commit to keeping a close watch on this section for any updates to ensure the most accurate representation of user experiences

Clarity Traders trust pilot rating

Trading Platforms Utilized by Clarity Traders

Clarity Traders Funding Models

Clarity Traders distinguishes itself by offering funding challenges with no time limits, allowing traders to operate on a timeline that suits their strategy. This feature is consistent across all their models, ensuring traders can focus on performance without deadline pressures. Here are the specific funding options provided

2-Phase Funded Challenge: Traders first prove their skills in Stage 1 with an 8% profit target and specific drawdown limits, then move to Stage 2 with a 5% profit target. Both stages have an unlimited duration and a highest profit day rule of 30%.

Traditional (1-Phase) Challenge: This challenge allows traders to fast-track to a funded account, with an unlimited trading period, a profit target of 10%, and a highest profit day rule of 30%.

Accelerated 2-Phase Challenge: Similar to the 2-Phase challenge but without the highest profit day rule in Phase 1. It also includes a refundable fee and has an unlimited trading period with specified minimum trading days and loss limits.

Challenge Rules

Below are the challenge rules for Clarity Traders

Trading Period: Unlimited for all stages.

Minimum Trading Days: 5 days for Stage 1 and Stage 2; not applicable for the funded stage.

Maximum Daily Drawdown: 5% across the traditional and accelerated challenges and 4% on the 1-phase challenge.

Maximum Overall Drawdown: 6% in the 1-phase challenge and 8% in the traditional and accelerated challenges.

Profit Target: 8% for Stage 1; 5% for Stage 2; and 10% in the 1-phase challenge – not applicable for the funded stage

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