Funded Trader Capital Review

This review delves into Funded Trader Capital’s offerings, examining the reality behind their funding challenge, account sizes, and profit-sharing. We’ll dissect the fine print on risk and reward, giving you an unfiltered look at what to expect as a trader with them.


Strong trust pilot review

8% profit target

$5k account size available

Unlimited time to pass the challenge

Weekend holding allowed

Refundable challenge fee

Low profit targets


5 minimum trading days

relatively new prop firm

Welcome to our detailed Funded Trader Capital review. In this deep-dive analysis, we cover all the things that matter to you as a trader. From evaluating funded challenge difficulty to exploring genuine trader testimonials and digging into the prop firms payouts, we cover all your questions.

to give you a clear picture of what awaits you in this review.

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Table of Contents

Who Are Funded Trader Capital

Funded Trader Capital is a prop firm providing traders with capital up to $200,000 to start their trading careers. They offer a straightforward process with just one funding model, additionally they also offer 5k funded accounts, which not many prop firms offer. To get funded, you must sign up, trade and pass their challenge while meeting their challenge criteria, once passed stage 2, you will then start trading with their capital.

Who is the Owner of Funded Trader Capital

Despite thorough research, the identity of the CEO of Funded Trader Capital remains undisclosed. While we continue to seek out this information, we’ll update this review accordingly when new details come to light. Although the company maintains a degree of anonymity at its leadership level, they demonstrate active engagement with their community through various social media channels, indicating a faceless yet responsive presence in the trading world.

Is Getting Funded With FTC Realistic?

Funded Trader Capital streamlines the funding process for traders, offering a simplified model that avoids the complexity of multiple funding options. They set achievable daily and overall drawdown limits, providing a balanced approach to risk management. With reasonable profit targets of 5% in phase 1 and 8% in phase 2, their program presents a realistic path to funding. Traders should note the importance of consistency, as FTC places emphasis on steady trading performance throughout the challenge phases, they have whats called the “Consistency Rule” a factor critical to success and one that will be elaborated on in the following section of the review.

What is The Consistency Rule?

When it comes to getting funded, the ‘consistency rule’ is a crucial guideline set by some prop firms to mitigate risk. Traders with funded accounts, for example, a $100,000 account, are often required to achieve a profit target (e.g., 10% or $10,000) consistently over an evaluation period. this is usually something like: no single trading day should contribute more than 30% toward this
profit target to avoid high-risk, unsustainable trading behaviors.

Trader Sam is excited about starting his funded challenge with [brand] prop firm. With his $100,000 funded account, he aims for 10% profit target, needing to make $10,000. One day, the market shows unusual volatility, and seeing an opportunity, Sam makes an aggressive trade and by day’s end, he’s ecstatic to find he’s earned $4,000.
However, Sam’s celebration is cut short as he realizes that he’s violated the 30% consistency rule: his $4,000 gain represents 40% of his profit target and was made in just one day, indicating risky trading. Despite his overall profit, John faces an evaluation failure, as his trading pattern breached the firm’s strategic risk management protocols. This experience teaches John to balance ambition with steady, calculated strategies, respecting the rules set to ensure sustainable trading practices.

Funded Trader Payouts

In the “Funded Trader Payouts” section, a YouTube video presents Lethabo’s success story with Funded Trader Capital, showcasing his journey to earning with the platform.

Funded Trader Capitals Trust Rating

As a relatively new entrant in the prop firm space, Funded Trader Capital has quickly achieved an “Excellent” Trustpilot rating of 4.5. This early success in customer satisfaction, based on 70 reviews, showcases a promising start, although a small percentage of users have reported less favorable experiences.

Funded Trader Capital review

What Trading Platforms Are Available Funded Trader Capital

Funding Options For Funded Trader Capital

Funded Trader Capital’s funding approach is wrapped in a three-phase model, designed to evaluate, verify, and then empower traders with the capital and tools needed for success in the markets.

Phase 1: Challenge – Traders choose an account size, ranging from $5,000 to $200,000. They’re then tasked with reaching an 8% profit target, adhering to a 5% daily and 12% overall drawdown limit. Minimum trading days are set at 5 with 1:100 leverage available and weekend holding allowed.

Phase 2: Verification – In this phase, traders are required to meet a 5% profit target, maintain the same drawdown limits and trading day minimums as in Phase 1. The consistency rule is introduced, requiring a balanced approach to trading.

Funded Phase: Upon successful completion of the first two phases, traders are provided with actual capital to trade and earn profits, where the exact terms and profit-sharing details depend on their performance in the earlier phases.

Funded Trader Capital Challenge Rules

Funded Trader Capital’s challenge is structured with specific rules to ensure traders are adequately evaluated:

Profit Targets: In Phase 1, a profit target of 8% is required, while Phase 2 requires 5%

Minimum Trading Days: Traders must trade for at least 5 days in each phase​.

Maximum Daily Loss: Set at 5% of the starting balance each day.

Maximum Overall Loss: Capped at 12% of the initial balance​.

Leverage: Limited to 1:100 for all trades.

Weekend Holding: Traders are allowed to hold positions over the weekend​.

Consistency Rule: Phase 2 requires a consistency rule where the highest profit day cannot exceed 60% of the total profit.

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