Hydra Funding Review

Hydra Funding stands out by doing things differently and focusing on what traders really need. While many trading companies try to attract traders with different perks, Hydra Funding goes beyond the usual by offering unique features that give traders more control and the chance to earn more. This review will take a close look at Hydras low profit targets and attractive additional add ons


No stop loss required ( additional extra )

90/10 profit split ( additional extra )

double leverage ( additional extra )

large account sizes available ( $1m )

Low profit targets

1 minimum trading day


No weekend trading or holding allowed

Welcome to our detailed Hydra Funding review. In this deep-dive analysis, we cover all the things that matter to you as a trader. From evaluating funded challenge difficulty to exploring genuine trader testimonials and digging into the prop firms payouts, we cover all your questions.

to give you a clear picture of what awaits you in this review.

Refer to the table of contents below:

Table of Contents

Who Are Hydra Funding

Hydra Funding caters to skilled traders that do not have the capital they need to succeed. they offer traders the opportunity to trade up to $1,000,000 in funding, notably, their challenge criteria is not overly strict, and wth a payout split of up to 90% Hydra Funding seem like a strong contender in the prop firm space.

The unique offering that Hydra Funding brings to the table is, the ability to customise your challenge the way you would like it.

Based on research, Hydra Funding was established in 2022

Additionally, the website receives 20K+ monthly visits, and over 1.2k followers on Instagram, these are good numbers for a growing prop firm.

Who is the Owner of Hydra Funding

Cameron Fous is quite well known in the day trading and forex industry. He really made a name for himself on YouTube, where he didn’t just talk about the highs of trading but actually broke down the process in a way that most beginners could understand. His videos were like a window into the fast-paced world of trading.

What sets Cameron apart in the trading world is his knack for quick, smart decision-making. He’s all about spotting tiny changes in stock prices and using those to make a profit, which is no small feat.

Now, it seems he’s taken all that experience and poured it into Hydra Funding, his own prop trading firm. It’s his way of giving new traders a leg up in the industry by providing them with the funds and support they need to really get in there and trade, without the stress of finding the money themselves.

Overall, Cameron’s journey from YouTuber to professional trader and founder of Hydra Funding shows he’s not just savvy in trading but also in business.

Is Getting Funded With Hydra Funding Realistic?

First off, Hydra Funding is pretty upfront about what they’re looking for in traders, which is a good sign, they don’t have a 5+ minimum trading period or a high unachievable profit target, they also cater to large and small traders by offering small accounts from $15,000 up to $1,000,000 accounts.

We believe with this trading criteria, getting funded with Hydra is achievable.

Funded Trader Payouts

From our research, we came across multiple testimonies from funded traders, mainly on YouTube, below is a video from a YouTuber called “Trader Tom” who claims to have passed stage 2, which he showcases in the video, his “Account type” shows as “Funded“, the date on the account is December 2022, he then does a follow up video 2 weeks later in which he shows a 330$ payout.

Hydra Funding: Trust Pilot Reviews

Currently there are no trust pilot reviews, its possible there was one and it was removed or a new one was started. we will keep this space updated when we know more.

What Trading Platforms Are Available Hydra Funding

Funding Options For Hydra Funding

Hydra Funding offers just two simple funding models

Single Phase:

2 Phase

Account Sizes Up To:


Select your preferred account size and start trading

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