Next Step Funded Review

Next Step Funded offers traders a 3-step process to a funded account, with up to 80% profit sharing. The platform offers over 500 assets, a Discord community, and an Eightcap platform, which sets detailed rules for trading.


Easy to follow challenge rules

Diverse asset options

Active discord community

12% max drawdown


Profit cap of 5% for the first month

Virtual funds

Welcome to our detailed Next Step Funded review. In this deep-dive analysis, we cover all the things that matter to you as a trader. From evaluating funded challenge difficulty to exploring genuine trader testimonials and digging into the prop firms payouts, we cover all your questions.

to give you a clear picture of what awaits you in this review.

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Table of Contents

Who Are Next Step Funded

Next Step Funded is a proprietary Forex trading firm revolutionizing how retail traders obtain funding through an in-depth understanding of the Forex market and its financial challenges. from our research, Next Step Funding is relatively new, launching in early 2023 they have quickly gained popularity with 176.5K monthly visits, they also have an impressive 11k followers on Instagram, Founded to give able traders a platform to acquire funding, Next Step Funded was created from the challenges experienced by skilled retail Forex traders lacking sufficient capital.

Who is the Owner of Next Step Funded

Jalel Abougouche, an ambitious entrepreneur originating from Canada, launched his business path with “Easy Simple Credit.” From the outset, he showcased a remarkable ability to pinpoint and leverage profitable ventures. His commitment to trading is unwavering; he immerses himself in the markets, constantly refining his investment portfolio and broadening his expertise through persistent learning and active participation

In January 2021, Jalel took a monumental stride in the financial world by founding “Evergreen Invest” in Las Vegas, Nevada. This innovative firm is dedicated not only to crafting stable passive income solutions but also to providing accurate trading signals. It is a collaborative venture, bringing seasoned financial experts together and by integrating “Algorithmic Trading” into hedge funds.

Building on his series of successes, Jalel embarked on another entrepreneurial journey in November 2022 with the launch of “Next Step Funded.”

Is Getting Funded With Next Step Funded Possible

While “Next Step Funded” has garnered many positive reviews, it naturally faces some criticism, as is typical for all businesses. A standout issue is the company’s policy requiring traders to engage in trading for 30 days before qualifying for any payouts. This traditional business model is somewhat outdated compared to other prop firms.

The rationale behind the 30-day rule is to reduce the amount of profits that next step funded need to payout, if you hit drawdown before the 30 day mark, Next Step will not lose any money, as users are trading on virtual accounts, as stated by Next Step Funded, which means, when you make profit, they are paying you from their pocket, so unfortunately, Next Step Funded are not aligned with their traders interests

This waiting period, however, creates a situation where traders are more prone to losing their funds or hitting a drawdown limit before they ever reach the point of withdrawal. Although this setup protects the company’s interests, it raises questions of fairness for traders, pushing them into a tight corner. Given that most proprietary firms tend to offer payouts within a more reasonable 7 to 14-day window, it suggests an area where “Next Step Funded” could consider revising their policies to better balance trader needs and company safeguards

However, there are still many successful funded traders with Next Step Funded, if you are confident in your ability I would say Next Step Funded is a good choice.

Funded Trader Payouts

We found various videos and reviews online that showcase Next Step Fundings payout proof, in the video below you can see this user making a second withdrawal of $8,000 from his funded account, Next Step Funded state that a trader must trade for 30 days after passing before they can make a withdrawal, after that period, payouts are bi-weekly

Trust Pilot Rating for Next Step Funded

The Trustpilot rating for Next Step Funded is 4.0 out of 5, with 277 reviews giving it a “Great” rating. 71% of the comments are positive, with 71% rating the firm 5 stars. Users praise the firm for its honesty, professional support, and wide range of trading tools. 

Although many users have had positive experiences, some have raised concerns about withdrawal processes and consistency rules.

Next Step Funded Trust pilot score

What Trading Platforms Are Available Next Step Funded

Challenge Rules

Next Step funded have a specific set of rules for their challenges, with a couple of notable differences between the two funding models

What is The Consistency Rule?

In the prop trading world, the ‘consistency rule’ is a crucial guideline set by some prop firms to mitigate risk. Traders with funded accounts, like a $100,000 portfolio, are often required to achieve a profit target (e.g., 10% or $10,000) consistently over an evaluation period. this is usually something like: no single trading day should contribute more than 30% toward this
profit target to avoid high-risk, unsustainable trading behaviors.


Trader Sam is excited about starting his funded challenge with [brand] prop firm. With his $100,000 funded account, he aims for 10% profit target, needing to make $10,000. One day, the market shows unusual volatility, and seeing an opportunity, Sam makes an aggressive trade and by day’s end, he’s ecstatic to find he’s earned $4,000.

However, Sam’s celebration is cut short as he realizes that he’s violated the 30% consistency rule: his $4,000 gain represents 40% of his profit target and was made in just one day, indicating risky trading. Despite his overall profit, John faces an evaluation failure, as his trading pattern breached the firm’s strategic risk management protocols. This experience teaches John to balance ambition with steady, calculated strategies, respecting the rules set to ensure sustainable trading practices.

1 Step Challenge Rules

Daily loss: 5%

Overall loss: 12%

Profit Target: 10% (for example, on a $15,000 account, the target is $1,500).

3 minimum trading days

Time limit: 60 days

New trading allowed

2 Step Challenge Rules

Daily loss: 5%

Overall loss: 12%

Profit Target: 10% (for example, on a $15,000 account, the target is $1,500).

5 minimum trading days

Time limit: 30 days

New trading allowed

Account Sizes Up To:


Select your preferred account size and start trading

Trust Rating

Funding Model

Trust Rating

Customer Service

Overall Rating: