Rebels Funding Review

Rebels Funding offers traders bespoke training programs and capital support, featuring fee refunds and high profit shares, fostering a path to professional trading since 2015​


Profit share of up to 90%

Free trial available

Refundable fee

Small challenges available


Tight daily drawdown: 4%

Tight overall drawdown: 10%

Welcome to our detailed Rebels Funding review. In this deep-dive analysis, we cover all the things that matter to you as a trader. From evaluating funded challenge difficulty to exploring genuine trader testimonials and digging into the prop firms payouts, we cover all your questions.

to give you a clear picture of what awaits you in this review.

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Table of Contents

Who Are Rebels Funding

Rebels Funding offers unique trading programs for Forex traders. They provide training accounts to trade and earn commissions without the risk of losing personal funds, catering to a variety of experience levels from rookie to expert. Their mission is to offer a pathway to professional trading for those without the capital to risk, focusing on education and growth within the trading community

Who is the Owner of Rebels Funding

The owner and founder of Rebels Funding is Marek Soska, who has a rich history in the financial markets, dating back over 15 years. The initiative stems from Soska’s desire to support traders who have the skill but not the capital to trade full-time, which led to the creation of Rebels Funding. The firm aims to reduce the barriers to entering trading markets by offering comprehensive training programs.

Is Getting Funded Realistic?

Rebels Funding offers a pragmatic path to obtaining funding for traders. By removing time constraints and providing a refund of up to 200% on program fees, the firm sets attainable goals for traders across various experience levels. Each training program is a step in the journey, with clear criteria for success, emphasizing that with the right discipline and strategy, securing funding is within reach.

Funded Trader Payouts

Rebels Funding has a few reviews on Trust Pilot that hint at users getting funded, although, there is a lack of proof online, however we will keep this space updated when we find more.

Rebels Funding Trust Pilot Rating

Rebels Funding has a 4-star rating on TrustPilot from 276 reviews. Customers have highlighted the uniqueness of their trading platform, RF-Trader, the availability of a free trial period, and the tailored range of training programs as standout features. These reviews suggest that Rebels Funding is well-regarded for its customer-centric approach and innovative trading solutions

Rebels Funding Trust Pilot review

What Trading Platforms Are Available Rebels Funding

Funding Options For Rebels Funding

Rebels Funding provides several training programs tailored to different levels of trading expertise. The options include:

RF Copper: A 4-phase program for beginners and advanced traders.

RF Bronze: A 3-phase program for moderately advanced traders.

RF Silver: A 2-phase program for more advanced traders.

RF Gold: A 1-phase program for advanced traders.

RF Diamond: For experienced traders.

Rebels Funding Challenge Rules

Here is a list of the challenge rules and criteria to pass the Rebels Funding challenge.

Profit Target: Achieve a 5% appreciation in each of the four phases within 999 days​.

Time Limit: There is no set time limit to reach the target profit, providing flexibility for traders.

Discount: A 10% discount on the next attempt if you fail and violate a rule.

Number of Trades: A minimum of four trades must be completed in each phase.

Discount: A 10% discount on the next attempt if you fail and violate a rule.

Maximum Overall Drawdown: Set at 10% of the initial capital, accounting for both open and closed trades.

Daily Maximum Drawdown: Limited to a 5% loss within a single trading day.

EA Automatic Trading Systems: No use of electronic advisors or mass trading robots; manual trading is preferred.

Profit Split: Initially, an 80% commission on profits, which can increase to 90%

Account Sizes Up To:


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