The 5%ers Review

The 5%ers is one of the first prop firms to hit the scene back in 2016, they provide very clear and easy to understand funding models.


4.8 Trust Pilot rating

Instant Funding available

Instant payout on request

Real Funding

EA Trading allowed

5K starter account available


Low leverage

Welcome to our detailed The 5%ers review. In this deep-dive analysis, we cover all the things that matter to you as a trader. From evaluating funded challenge difficulty to exploring genuine trader testimonials and digging into the prop firms payouts, we cover all your questions.

to give you a clear picture of what awaits you in this review.

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Table of Contents

Who Are The 5%ers

The 5%ers are an established prop trading firm located in London, UK, known for their innovative funding models. They introduce an ‘Instant Funding’ model called “Hyper Growth”, where traders can opt for low or aggressive risk strategies with immediate access to account sizes of $5k, $10k, or $20k. This model is designed for traders that are confident in their abilities.

In addition to instant funding, The 5%ers also offer a ‘Two-Step Challenge,’ called “High Stakes” a meticulous evaluation that traders undertake to prove their strategy’s profitability. Those aspiring for larger funding can engage in the firm’s ‘Bootcamp’ model. This comprehensive educational track sharpens trading skills, and upon completion, participants can receive up to $250k in funding.

The 5%ers commit to long-term trader development, offering a scaling plan that can reach a staggering $4m in funding for successful traders.


The 5%ers have established a significant online presence in the prop firm industry. Their website attracts a remarkable 1.2 million visitors monthly, demonstrating widespread interest in their trading programs and insights. Additionally, their influence extends to social media, with a dedicated following of 25,000 on Instagram.

Who is the Owner of The 5%ers

The 5%ers was founded in 2017 by Gil Ben Hur, an individual with extensive experience in the trading sector. Gil began his journey in the Forex trading world in 2007, immersing himself in the market’s dynamics and strategies. His journey further led him to serve as a trading coach, where he dedicated himself to educating aspiring traders, sharing insights and practical knowledge.
In addition to founding The 5%ers, Gil Ben Hur expanded his professional portfolio by working with from 2015 to 2017, contributing to one of the financial industry’s leading resources.

New Ventures For Gil Ben Hur

Ben Gil Hur has also initiated a fresh project, “Trade The Pool,” another prop firm that underscores his commitment to broadening opportunities for traders in the financial markets. Gil’s background and continuous efforts highlight his significant role in shaping accessible trading platforms and education.

Is Getting Funded With The 5%ers Possible?

It’s essential to see how realistic the trading requirements are when looking at prop firms that best suit your forex trading style. For example, a company offering a high % profit split on a highly funded account sounds great, but if they expect high % gains per month with low % maximum drawdowns, your chances of success become close to zero.

While their instant funding models feature notably tight stop out and daily stop out levels, demanding precision and consistency from traders, these parameters align with industry norms in their two-step evaluation process. This evaluation balances challenge with achievability, underscored by an unlimited trading period that eliminates the often-pressurizing time constraints, allowing traders to operate at a comfortable pace.

Furthermore, The 5%ers’ structure requires a minimum of only three profit days, presenting a scenario where adept traders could feasibly progress through each phase in as little as three days. This blend of rigorous, yet fair conditions suggests that achieving funding with The 5%ers, though demanding, is realistically within reach for skilled traders.

Funded Trader Payouts

During our research, there was no shortage of payout proof from the 5%ers, below is video from a man that goes by the name “The Scruffy Trader” in this video he showcases multiple withdrawals that he received from the 5%ers. we have no reason to believe this is a fake video, as many other examples can be found.

The 5%ers Trust Rating

The 5%ers Review score on Trust Pilot has an excellent score of 4.8, which is one of the highest scores we have seen, many comments mention funding and the great customer service they have received

The 5%ers trust rating

What Trading Platforms Are Available The 5%ers

Funding Options For The 5%ers

The 5%ers, a proprietary trading firm, provides various funding options to accommodate diverse trading strategies and objectives. Below is an overview of the programs available:

Hyper Growth: A 1-step program starting from $260, designed for rapid account growth with payouts from the first target and doubling of account size at every milestone​.

High Stakes: A 2-step program with a starting point of $39, tailored for those seeking a high-risk, high-reward pathway, allowing traders to scale their accounts at each milestone​.

Bootcamp: Beginning at $95, this low-cost program focuses on scaling the trader’s account with each milestone, charging fees only upon success

Challenge Rules

The 5%ers Challenge Rules are designed to evaluate and ensure the capabilities of traders using real trading conditions. Here’s a summary of the specific rules

Trading Objectives: Traders must meet a 10% profit target with no time limit, maintain a maximum 6% drawdown, and leverage is set at 1:30.

Holding Positions: Overnight, over-the-weekend, and news trading are permitted, with traders being responsible for understanding associated risks.

Account Limits: Traders can sign up for multiple instant funding accounts, with a maximum combined capital limit of $40,000 on evaluation account sizes.

Prohibited Actions: Participants are not allowed to copy trades, use tick scalping, perform any form of arbitrage trading, use emulators, or employ certain types of Expert Advisors (EAs). EAs are also disabled from trading during 23:00 to 01:00 GMT+3

Trading Flexibility: Holding positions overnight, over weekends, and during news events is allowed, but traders must consider rollover swaps, volatility, liquidity, and spreads.

Time Expiration: Accounts must show activity; those inactive for more than 14 calendar days will expire.

Payout Rules

Profit Withdrawal: Payouts are processed only after reaching funded levels, with the opportunity to withdraw profits biweekly using various payment methods.

Profit Retention: Traders have the option to keep profits in their account, which can increase the maximum drawdown amount allowed. For example, If a trader’s account is initially funded with $10,000 and the maximum drawdown limit is 6% (or $600), the account closure threshold would be at $9,400. If the trader earns profits and the account balance increases to $10,300, the new maximum drawdown limit becomes $900, providing a larger buffer of $900 before hitting the stop-out level

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